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The Teams

The teams vary, depending on what service or workshop is needed. We work with varying partners to provide a great experience and opportunity for our objectives. 


Joanne Silzer

ASIST Trainer through LIVING WORKS.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training With CharMaine as other Trainer


CharMaine & Joanne


Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training - 2 day  workshop


Ravenheart Team

Helpers in Equine Assisted Learning


Sugar - Our Paint Mini - 2021 Rescue

Team Princess Warrior Wellness


Spice - Our Blue Eyed Bandit - 2021 Rescue

Team Princess Warrior Wellness


Daddio - Our gentle giant

Team Princess Warrrior Wellness


Testimonials .... 

I am writing to share my experience with CertaPet and my therapist, CharMaine. First off CertaPet is a very user friendly site. It is professional and customer service is great. I was referred to this site from a friend and I am so glad I took that leap of faith.

CharMaine is my therapist assigned by CertaPet. She is truely a godsend. She takes the time to not only listen to your words but actually hears what is between the lines. Her demeanour is zero judgement and she makes you want to open up about everything. She has a way of opening your mind to all sides of whatever problem you might have. For me, I was not looking at the big picture and she was able to help me see it while constantly encouraging me and building my own self esteem. She reminded me that I am not the only person going through it and by opening up it rejuvenated my inner strength.

We don’t always have close friends we can talk to or family we want to open up to about everything but for me I have someone that has my back and always available for support when I need it.

I am so unbelievably glad that I took that leap. Thank you and God bless ☺️

 From 44 year old female, 2 daughters, 9 grandchildren on a First Nation near Yorkton, SK.

"I started struggling with my lungs at age of 35 to now, when the doctor told me I had to be on full time oxygen from drug use.

I have come a long way with the help of Charmaine, we work on ways to cope with my addiction and move on to the recovery journey. She is a remarkable, trustable, truthful lady that became a wonderful counsellor. Others will enjoy working with her.

When I need to talk, she is just a phone call away. Charmaine has made life a lot more understandable, without turning to the drugs. We have been working together for almost a year now. 

From Regina, SK male in his 40's:

"I'm an ex-con 17 years of my life, struggling addict, but I always put my family first. I'd go sick before I took from my family. You would think I live in a shack, but my kids are always taken care of and have everything. My family was always first. I used to have rental houses, but don't anymore, sold them for drugs.

Charmaine was open and she was willing to hear and she wasn't willing to feed me b***sh**, and just straight tell me the truth. Something that you needed to hear once in awhile you know? When she talks to you, you know you can trust her and you believe what things come out of her mouth. I think her job is built on trust and she needs to build that with her clients and she slowly building that with me. She has built trust pretty quick, and I'm not a person that trusts people very fast. I don't trust anybody to tell you the truth. But, I do trust her. "

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